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Facials for Beginners

By May 30, 2018 Facials For Beginners

What you should look for in choosing a facial Spa

I’m a professional Skin care specialist and I have facials often.  It’s important to maintain appointments to keep your skin looking and functioning at its absolute best.

In choosing my Spa, I look for these key elements:

  • Cleanliness– You would assume that a facial Spa would be CLEAN, but rest assure some may not be as clean as they appear. Make sure utensils are sterilized with the UV machines and hands are cleansed or gloves are worn during extractions.
  • Certifications– Also look around the Spa for the Certifications of the person performing your Facial. There should be a photo with the license of that individual.  No license.. No Facial!!  This is very important because a licensed Professional has to undertake, many hours mandated by the State, and pass a State regulated exam.
  • The ambiance– I like when the facial spa has an inviting and warm atmosphere. The room is at a comfortable temp and a sensuous aroma is filling the air.  With these combinations, I know my facial will be sweet and relaxing.
  • Lastly, I also like personal attention. I like feeling special when I get a facial… The gentle massage, the enriching treatments… That’s just ME.

What about you?

Have YOU been thinking about a facial lately?  No time like the present. Take some time out of that busy day and get that natural glow….so you can cut down on the makeup and let your Beauty shine through.

Book a facial today and tell me about your experience.

Join me on my next post, for more Beauty tips and more… also visit me at www.smckoibeauty.com, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Peace & Love


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Calling All Men!

By May 6, 2018 For the Men

MEN… You too can care for your skin, and should, without shame or judgement!

This message goes out to the Men in our lives..  Weather that’s your Hubby, Brother, Father, Uncle, close Cousin, Friend or that special Man.

Let them know that they aren’t off the hook for taking care of their skin.

So, Fellas, you should also take care of your skin just like us, as if your life depended on it, and it does.  By now everyone knows how important wearing sun screen is, RIGHT?  It’s NOT just for the ladies or the kids..

I feel our Men should be following these simple steps for healthy skin care also:

  • You must wash your face every night, with a cleanser, that’s right for your skin type (You may get the ones for Men) preferably not soap, that’s used on your body. Cleansing is important because if you knew how much guck is in the air, you wouldn’t want to sleep with these nasty particles sticking to your face and staying on your sheets!
  • You must put a moisturizer on your skin after this wash. Ok, ok, I will call this, “ lotion” if that makes you feel better.  I would prefer a “lotion” that’s best for your skin type, but we will get into that, at a later date. (again you can choose one that is for Men)
  • In the morning, wash your face again, and repeat the “lotion”… This time after the lotion, apply a small amount of sun screen, with a SPF of at least 15, if you are just walking from car, train, or bus.  If you work outside or spend most of your days outside, a SPF of 30 is recommended.  The lighter your skin, the higher the SPF, about SPF 30 is key.

A lot of men will work out, and take care of their bodies, why not do the same for the skin that protects the outside of this body?

Once you follow these simple steps, (which is only the beginning) you will start to look as young as you feel.

For more Skin care tips follow my Wednesday Blogs , and visit me on Facebook , Instagram,  and my website; www.smckoibeauty.com.

Until then, stay Beautiful!



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